Nazario Amaral
Relatives *Cecilia Amaral (sister)
*Vicente Amaral (father)
*Mirna Nogales (stepmother)

Nazario Amaral (19?? ‒ ) was a resident of Guanajuato, and he worked in the shoe factory.

His father was Vicente Amaral, who was also known as Chente, and his mother was Vicenteʻs first wife, whilst his sister was Cecilia Amaral, killed by Marcial Andrade.

Nazarioʻs stepmother was Mirna Nogales, his fatherʻs second spouse.

Etymology Edit

Nazario is a Spanish form of the name Nazarius. According to the legends, Nazarius was a Christian martyr.[1] His name is probably related to the name of Nazareth (Greek: Νᾱζᾰρέθ).

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References Edit

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