Edgardo Ramos
Death 20??

Dr. Edgardo Ramos (19?? ‒ 20??) was a resident of Guanajuato. He was a medical doctor who worked in one hospital in Guanajuato, and he was respected by many people. However, he was killed by Frida de Villarreal, because he caught her stealing some morphine.

Etymology Edit

  • Edgardo is a Spanish form of the name Edgar (derived from an Anglo-Saxon name Eadgar). The name is composed of these elements: ead, "rich, prosperous" and gar, "spear".
  • Ramos is a Spanish surname, and it is derived from the word ramo. According to one theory, Ramos was a surname often used by the Jews in Spain.[1]

Behind the scenes Edit

References Edit

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